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Ken Kinsler


Playbook to Become a Student Athlete Role Model

by Joe Behm and Andy Smith

Joe Behm and Andy Smith

Think snow:

by Ken Kinsler

When I first met Ken Kinsler, I could instantly sense that he was a very good man that had been through a lot in his life. Ken was able to purge his soul by pouring out his pent up emotions onto the pages of "Think Snow." I was quite amazed by his story as well as his ability to relate the problems evident in Vietnam to many of the situations still evident in society today. This book is not just for people who like war and history - it's for anyone who has ever had a bad day! 

Sarah Dickey

The Flight of happiness:

a Modern Guide to Rediscovering Your Inner Bliss

by Sarah Dickey

I really enjoyed working with Sarah on her first book project. Author coaching, consulting, editing and publishing was facilitated remotely by video conferencing, phone conversations and the latest technologies that included: Dynamic documents, file-sharing, cloud-based storage and online publishing technologies were utilized throughout the creation of her book. The end result is a heartfelt offering that will make you feel nothing less than happy! 

The tales of H.W. Bear:

by Elaine Brayton

Elaine had been wanting to write a book most of her adult life. She and her husband, Alan, are long-time members of an international walking group. The group had a mascot named H.W. Bear. This bear literally traveled all over the world while Elaine and her peers documented his many journeys. It was really great to work together with Elaine and Alan. The excitement was evident at every one of our face-to-face coaching sessions. Elaine did the writing, Alan did the photography, and, of course, H.W. Bear presided over all of us at every meeting. 

Author Sarah Dickey

Elaine Brayton and H.W. Bear

Married to a stranger:

an Alternative Approach to Simply Coping with Alzheimer's Disease

by Phyllis Lozeau

Phyllis Lozeau 

Here's what Sarah has to say:

If you are looking for an individual to encourage you, keep you on task, and inspire you, then you are totally in the most amazing and capable hands.  We all have dormant dreams alive within our hearts, and Sean was able to bring mine into vibrant being.  I had been dreaming of writing a book since I was a little girl, and my fortunate connection to Sean has been life changing.  Sean's organization skills, enthusiasm for life, grammatical correctness and passion for writing has allowed me to realize this childhood dream.  If you are looking for someone to support your writing process, then you need not go any further.  Who better to invest in than yourself?  I am already looking forward to book number two!  Thanks ever so much Sean!!  You have been an instrumental part of my journey!
With Much Gratitude, 
Sarah L. Dickey​