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Invest in Yourself: Six Strategies to Make this the Best Year of Your Life - ​ This system will help you create your ideal life. 

The Trip audiobook
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Health and Happiness audiobook
Invest in Yourself audiobook

Health and Happiness: an owner's manual for the mind and body - Regardless of your age, race, religion, sex, political affiliation or national origin - we should all have one common denominator - health. We only get one shot at life and when health is gone, nothing else matters. The human mind and body comprise the most sophisticated “machine” on earth. Our bodies are far more sensitive and complex than any automobile, computer or other man-made item; but unlike those products, we don’t come with an instruction manual at birth. This Health and Happiness guide offers common sense advice to help the average person make better decisions regarding their mind and body. Health reform starts with the daily choices we make - choosing to read this book is the first step in the right direction. 

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The Trip - a novel about two brothers who become fed up with society and decide to take a six month sabbatical to the South Pacific to surf, rest, relax and explore the unknown. While they're gone, some crazy things happen in the rest of the world. The events of 'The Day' forever change the course of history and leave the brothers stranded in paradise - unable to contact their loved ones or the rest of the 'civilized' world. This epic adventure novel will enthrall you with tales of cannibals, pirates, surfing and more. 

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The BookBook - a book about how to write and publish your own book. From idea in your head to published book in your hand, this 'cookbook for books' offers you a system, or recipe, for writing.